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Essais & Simulations n° 138

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SPECIAL MEASUREMENT WORLD Coup d'envoi du nouveau salon de la mesure du futur


DOSSIER AUTO MOTIVE SOLUTION Novares unveils Nova Car #2 and 25 innovations for the car of the future Following the success of the Nova Car #1, which toured the world in 2018 to showcase its latest innovations to its customers, the Novares Group unveils in June Nova Car #2, its open innovation lab. The demonstration vehicle brings together 25 innovations co-developed with start-ups and innovative companies. Last June 25, the Nova Car #2 was unveiled in Paris. The objective for Novares - French global plastic solutions provider that designs and manufactures complex components & systems - is to brings together the latest innovations co-developed with start-ups and innovative campanies to meet the challenges of new mobility, autonomous cars, connectivity and green mobility. Highlights of the innovations demonstrated in Nova Car #2 are FlexView Max, a giant 3D curved and tactile display with haptic feedback, perfectly integrated into the cockpit design and with an advanced user interface, Scroll'N Feel, which offers several tactile fonctions with a single smart button - two innovations that enable drivers to avoid taking their eyes off the road • Smart Breeze an invisible, intelligent air flow device which adapts automatically to each passenger, Squeeze command, a door command with gesture recognition, My Travel therapy a travel sickness prevention device, or Drop In Car an in-car delivery point for last mile delivery orders. A selection of other innovations is specifically designed for powertrain optimization, such as e-motor components for electric vehicles. --------- "Nova Car is a true immersive experimental laboratory. This demonstration vehicle illustrates our technical know-how which we are proud" - Pierre Boulet, Novares CEO Novares commitment to innovation is central to the company's growth strategy along with strategic acquisitions and investments. The company's now ranks amongst the top 100 international automotive suppliers. To invent the vehicle of the future, Novares relies upon three strategic pillars: its R&D, the Nova Car open innovation lab and Novares Venture Capital, to invest in strategic innovation partnerships and start-ups, with the aim of developing long-term partnerships. So far, the company has invested 12m euros of its fund in four startups and innovative companies: Flexenable, APAG CoSyst, Actronika and Quad Industries. With Nova Car #1, Novares demonstrated 16 innovations in partnership with four startups and initiated fruitfui collaboration with the world's leading car manufacturers.For Nova Car 2, Novares has partnered with ten startups and innovative companies, among them the four companies in which Novares has invested via Novares Venture Capital, and with the CEA Tech, --------- Daikin, TGO and Boarding Ring. The Nova Car #2 will now start a worldwide tour, showcasing its 25 innovations to its customers in Europe, the United States, China and Japan. • 11111 - - 50 !ESSAIS & SIMULATIONS• N ° 138 •Septembre· Octobre 2019

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