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Essais & Simulations n° 138

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SPECIAL MEASUREMENT WORLD Coup d'envoi du nouveau salon de la mesure du futur


DOSSIER AUTO MOTIVE UNVEILING With Teqmo, France is setting up a test centre for autonomous vehicles June 18, 2019 was an important date for French industry. The day of the opening of the SIAE show in Le Bourget but also for the automotive sector. lndeed, at the same time Utac Ceram has inaugurated in Linas-Montlhéry, near Paris, the first French test centre for autonomous vehicles. "France created the 20th century car. It must create the car of the 21 st century". These were the words spoken by Bruno Le Maire, French Minister of Economy and Finance, on June 18, at the inauguration of the new Teqmo test centre in the Utac Ceram laboratory. In 2018, Utac Ceram unveiled Teqmo, a brand new innovation centre dedicated to development and homologation testing of connected and autonomous vehicles. This new proving ground takes place in the centre of the legendary Autodrome de Linas-Montlhéry existing since 1924. lt will be composed of 12 km testing tracks and associated facilities to provide full support to our customers. The laboratory mission is to jump into the future of automotive testing. "We provide outstanding facilities and a strong knowhow to ail vehicle and equipment manufacturers", says a laboratory responsible. "We offer a full support depending on their needs, from development phase to vehicle homologation through a personalized project management". Teqmo vision is to continuously move forward into an automotive industry in permanent change with the rise of automated driving, electric powertrain and connected vehicles. AN AMBITIOUS PROJECT Totalling €20 million, Teqmo is Utac Ceram's most ambitious project since the group was founded in 1945. It is taking place in a profoundly-changing automotive industry, marked by the emergence of automated driving, connected vehicles and electric powertrains. The project includes the creation of numerous test tracks that round out the group's existing facilities. The Teqmo centre will comprise six main test areas. First of ail, a highway circuit and a three-lane track, 2.2 km in length, including a tunnel and tollgate and featuring multilingual signs. The motorway circuit will be used to conduct high-speed test scenarios, with several vehicles. Teqmo comprise Road circuit too; a two-lane track, 6.5 km in length, with different types of signage (road signs and surface markings) and kerbing. An urban zone aims to recreate city driving conditions with crossroads, roundabouts, pavements and a level crossing, as well as featuring signs and traffic lights. A parking zone inclues two parking areas for testing parking assist technologies and a manoeuvres zone comprise a 38,800 m 2 dynamic platform, a straight stretch of road and a crossroads; this area is designed for Euro NCAP testing and other dynamic tests. With its low grip track equipped with a wetting system, the braking zone is used to conduct braking tests, official Euro NCAP AEB tests and testing for ABS system specifications. lt also has vehicle manoeuvre circles. In addition to these tracks, Teqmo will provide highly-qualified engineers and 48 !ESSAIS &SIMULATIONS• N ° 138 • Septembre - Octobre 2019

DOSSIER AUTO MOTIVE UTOMOTIVE CONNECTION 2019 L F.ERMB DU MANBm (S[-QUENmlN-EN-VELINES) official test facilities, such as robot drivers and moving targets (pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles). Utac Ceram is also investing heavily in simulation to offer a comprehensive range of automated and connected vehicle tests. PARTNERSHIPS WITH MAJOR PLAYERS The Teqmo project has helped to forge partnerships with several industry leaders: Colas, to build the tracks and facilities, Orange and Ericsson, on the one hand, and Bouygues Télécom, on the other, for the implementation of experimental cellular networks, and ICI for HD digital mapping. Teqmo will be equipped with the main technical solutions for connectivity: Wifi (GS), operated and non-operated cellular networks (LTE, SG, PCS). Moreover, Orange and Bouygues Télécom make the test centre their main experimental centre on tracks for automotive 4G/5G. • PROCÉDÉS 6 MATÉRIAUX INNOVANTS ÉNERGIE 6 ÉLECTRIFICATION VÉHICULE AUTONOME 6 CONNECTÉ BIEN-ÊTRE À BORD CONTACT 6 INFORMATIONS 0149124479 ESSAIS & SIMULATIONS• N ° 138 • Septembre - Octobre 2019 149

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