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Spécial : Électronique L’automobile confrontée à une crise d’approvisionnement sans précédent !


MESURES EXPERIENCE FEEDBACK German acoustic expert uses Siemens’ solutions to enhance electrical and autonomous vehicle development AZL deploys Simcenter to realize early system optimization in vehicle development cycle. The objective was to optimize NVH performance and develop potential for new OEM-supplier relationships. AZL, a German acoustic test bench manufacturer and engineering consultant serving the automotive industry since 1999, recognizes the ongoing challenges related to electrical vehicle (EV) and autonomous vehicle (AV) development. To tackle the new noise, vibration, and harsh- ness (NVH) development needs, AZL is implementing innovative technologies such as component-based transfer path analysis (TPA) and modelbased system testing (MBST). With these technologies in place, AZL builds special test benches addressing emerging NVH challenges to provide their customers with innovative testing procedures resulting in information outlining how to optimize the AV and EV NVH performance in much earlier development stages. EMERGING NVH CHALLENGES IN AV AND EV DEVELOPMENT that bushings and mounts need to be developed with the proper stiffness characteristics in this frequency range. New test benches that can handle this need to be developed. Second, as the combustion engine, a very important masking source at low speeds, has disappeared, the structure born road noise is significantly more apparent. Due to that, the development of good suspension systems is a high priority for customers. AZL is active in the development of the right test benches to better cope with road noise and strives to acquire the necessary data to validate simulation models. The company also develops tests not only on the full vehicle level but also for the isolated suspension system levels, such as testing only a front or rear suspension system separately on the chassis dyno. Finally, AZL is exploring options to transfer these component and system test results into the simulation world as part of the product’s According to Andreas Schilp, managing director, AZL-Technology Center GmbH, the development of AV and EV brings three main challenges and opportunities into play: First, high frequency structure born noise becomes more important with EV, meaning 10 I ESSAIS & SIMULATIONS • N°146 • Septembre - Octobre - Novembre 2021

MESURES and innovate the development process. “For EV development, we try to step back from full vehicle level development and intensify our focus on the system and component levels; the same is true for optimized development cycles due to the new homologation processes,” says Schilp. digital twin. To achieve an accurate digital twin, the simulation model needs to be fed with accurate data. NEXT GENERATION VEHICLES REQUIRE NEW DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES The concept of a digital twin goes hand-in-hand with the growing trend in the industry. Instead of testing the final full vehicle, physical testing takes place earlier on the system and component levels. This approach can significantly shorten the vehicle development cycle as it affects the AV’s and EV’s producers, who are pushed to re-think In the best-case scenario, the development starts with setting up simulation models. AZL builds special test bench capable of testing NVH on the component and system levels with carefully described boundary conditions. “As a test-bench manufacturer we provide our customers with clear guidance,” says Schilp. To accurately acquire the test bench data, AZL relies on Siemens Digital Industries Software solutions Simcenter Testlab software in conjunction with Simcenter Scadas hardware, which is compatible with a wide range of sensors and data interfaces. “What makes the Simcenter portfolio unique is that it imbeds a close integration of test results with simulation results to compare them directly in exactly the same environment,” says Schilp. BLOCK FORCES IN THE NVH VEHICLE DEVELOPMENT The rising trend towards system-based development sparks a new technique named component-based TPA. TPA consists of the assessment of blocked forces (and moments) as a characterization L’INGÉNIERIE DES CHOCS, VIBRATIONS AÉRONAUTIQUE | SPATIAL | DÉFENSE | NAVAL & SÉISMES NUCLÉAIRE | FERROVIAIRE | SISMIQUE • Calcul • Simulations • Analyses • Tests de qualification • Mesures • Fabrication • Support technique amortisseurs > Une gamme d’amortisseurs standard ou sur mesure. > Des solutions de protection pour les environnements contraignants. 210921_Version Paysage Socitec.indd 1 21/09/2021 15:16 ESSAIS & SIMULATIONS • N°146 • Septembre - Octobre - Novembre 2021 I11

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